Redefining the boundaries of display performance,

elevating brightness, contrast, and colour to unparalleled heights.

See how HMT-Z stack upcompared to Flip Chip SMD and SMD.

COB Small Pitch (HMT-Z Serles)coverage

High-end SMD fine pitch coverage on the market

The coverage of ordinary SMD small pitch on the market

Small spacing HMT-Z  brings refined specular highlights, incredible detail in shadows, and vibrant, true-to-life colours.

Each display is calibrated in the factory and features proreference modes for HDR colour grading.


for cinematic viewing


adaptive 3840Hz refresh rate

We can do this all day.

HMT-Z has the coolest surface temperature of a LED display ever.

That energy efficiency is the magic of common cathode.

So wherever you can envision a LED display or whenever duty calls, run with it.

0.9mm Pixel Pitch

134 w/m²

Typical Power Consumption

1.2mm Pixel Pitch

125 w/m²

Typical Power Consumption

1.5mm Pixel Pitch

117 w/m²

Typical Power Consumption

1.8mm Pixel Pitch

110 w/m²

Typical Power Consumption

600 nits

nits peak brightness


Hz refresh rate


contrast ratio


bit depth


wide color gamut coverage

Innovation in every layer.

R1 Architecture. Seamlessly integrating the HighMight  

series receiver card with our hub card and power supply,

we have achieved an unprecedented level of performance and serviceability that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of LED displays


more energy efficient than typical COB 


less surface heat than typical COB

Less glare.
And even less glare.

At HighMight, we’ve engineered every Small spacing HMT-Z with one thing in mind: the pursuit of image perfection. 

Our relentless attention to detail has led us to develop an anti-reflective coating that operates on the nanometer level, scattering light and minimising glare to an unprecedented degree. 

Unlike traditional matte LED coatings that produce unwanted haze and lower contrast, our proprietary technology maintains perfect contrast while preserving
the clarity and beauty of the image on the screen.

Conventionalmicro LED

LED small pitch HMT-Z series

More advanced calibration architecture enables stunning colour clarity.With an in-house HighMightLEDmanufacturing process that boasts enhancedindividual LED colour matching and individual modulecalibration, thecolour accuracy of HMT-Z has never been so precise.

Theresult is astunning gain in colour clarity that unlocks unparalleledversatility, empowering you to expand your screenreal estate like never before.*


TITLE COB Small Pitch(HMT-Z Serles)Parameters
Mode HMT-Z0.7 HMT-Z0.9 HMT-Z1.2 HMT-Z1.5 HMT-Z1.8
Pixel Pitch 0.78mm 0.93mm 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.87mm
Density pixels 1638400(dot/㎡) 1137778(dot/㎡) 640000(dot/㎡) 409600(dot/㎡) 284444(dot/㎡)
Package Full flipCOB Full flipCOB Full flipCOB Full flipCOB Full flipCOB
Brightness 500-800(cd/㎡) 500-800(cd/㎡) 500-800(cd/㎡) 500-800(cd/㎡) 500-800(cd/㎡)
Refresh rate 3840-7680(Hz) 3840-7680(Hz) 3840-7680(Hz) 3840-7680(Hz) 3840-7680(Hz)
Overall Size 600*337.5(mm) 600*337.5(mm) 600*337.5(mm) 600*337.5(mm) 600*337.5(mm)
Overall pixel 768*432 640*360 480*270 384*216 320*180
Service life ≥100000 hours
Contrast ratio ≥20000:1
Maximum power 300-400(w/㎡)
Input voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Module voltage DC4.7~5V±0.2V
Environment temperature-10-40℃ humidity10%-90%

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