The 105-year-old Wuhan People’s Paradise has been re-opened, and Highmight supports the high-quality development of Hankou Historic Area

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The 105-year-old Wuhan People's Paradise has been re-opened, and Highmight supports the high-quality development of Hankou Historic Area
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Wuhan People’s Paradise, a building with a long history of 105 years, has recently reopened to the public with a new look with the help of Highmight . This event not only marks a solid step in the high-quality development of Hankou’s historical area, but also symbolizes the perfect integration of tradition and modernity.

In the overall design of the project, Highmight used a 260-square-meter transparent screen. This screen is made of die-cast aluminum and sheet metal materials, which not only ensures the stability of the structure, but also gives the building a modern visual effect. The use of transparent screens allows the ancient building to retain its historical charm while also being blessed with modern technology, making the People’s Paradise a beautiful landscape at night.

During the project implementation process, Highmight pays attention to every detail, from the selection of materials to the accuracy of installation, every step is carefully planned and strictly controlled. The design of the transparent screen is not only beautiful, but also practical. It can effectively adjust indoor light, provide a comfortable viewing environment, and also enhance the energy-saving performance of the building.

Highmight also pays special attention to coordination with the surrounding environment to ensure that the newly added technological elements will not destroy the original historical features, but can coexist harmoniously with them and jointly tell the story of the city. Through this design, Wuhan People’s Paradise not only attracts more tourists, but also provides new ideas and directions for the protection and utilization of Hankou’s historical area.

This project of Highmight is not only a successful renovation of the Wuhan People’s Paradise, but also a strong promotion of high-quality development of Hankou Historical Area. Through the combination of technology and tradition, we see a more vivid and attractive historical area, which will undoubtedly bring new vitality to the city’s cultural heritage and tourism development.