Highmight ISLE exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, and we look forward to meeting you again

The much-anticipated 2024 International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition (ISLE2024 for short) concluded successfully yesterday at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). Highmight used “Micro full flip-chip COB small-pitch display” + “HR Pro outdoor energy-saving aluminum box display series” + “H Pro high-end rental series large screen” + “intelligent conference LED display terminal all-in-one machine” + “high-end interactive LED floor tile display” + “creative transparent spherical screen”… super luxurious The lineup was unveiled, bringing surprises and ushering in the attention and praise of global customers!

Facing the ever-evolving market demands,Highmight has brought diversified technical solutions to customers. This year’s ISLE 2024, starting from the display of cutting-edge technology, presented to customers the Micro full flip-chip COB display, the main product of Highmight , as well as the mature application of COB technology direction, covering the indoor display environment in an all-round way, supporting high-quality display need. The integrated application of technology demonstrates Highmight profound heritage in the field of display technology and provides customers with more flexible and efficient solutions.

At the exhibition, the atmosphere was full and crowds of people flowed, attracting many visitors from the display industry at home and abroad, giving them a comprehensive understanding of advanced and cutting-edge technological and creative products. It not only brought them a visual impact, but also allowed them to feel the charm of technology immersively. Received unanimous praise from customers.

Many visitors and customers experienced Highmight’s diverse display products at close range and had in-depth exchanges and business negotiations with the company’s domestic and foreign business managers. Thanks to its excellent visual performance and innovative design, Highmight’s products have won wide acclaim and successfully attracted the attention of many people, becoming the focus and frequently attracting the attention and appreciation of live audiences.

The product displayed at our booth this time, Micro full flip-chip COB small-pitch display (Z0.9, Z1.25 models), is also a cutting-edge display series with a wide range of application scenarios: smart cities, urban emergency, command centers, energy dispatch, exhibitions and displays …and other places, highly integrated with the application experience of big data visualization.

During the conference, Highmight conducted extensive exchanges and cooperation with professionals from all over the world to jointly look forward to the future trends of LED display technology. We will continue to listen to the needs of global users and continuously improve and enhance our technology and products.

The grand event comes to an end and a new journey begins! The 2024 ISLE Shenzhen Exhibition gives the entire industry an opportunity for in-depth exchanges. HighMight Highmight will continue to be guided by market demand, with product innovation as the internal driving force, and continue to carry out technological innovation and product iteration. We will continue to work together with global partners Let’s work together to create a new chapter in LED direct display and bring a more shocking and excellent visual experience to users around the world.

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