Highmight shines at SILE exhibition and strives to create a visual feast

Highmight shines at SILE exhibition and strives to create a visual feast

In late spring, in April, Shenzhen welcomes the 2023 International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition (ISLE Exhibition). ISLE will make its debut on an unprecedented scale.Highmight appeared at the Shenzhen ISLE exhibition with a series of products and solutions such as high-end LED small spacing, COB small spacing, LED transparent screens, LED interactive floor tile screens, and creative special-shaped screens. It used solutions in a variety of fields to demonstrate a The audio-visual feast attracted the attention of customers from all walks of life, allowing the audience to experience the charm of Highmight’s high-end LED display products up close.

As a high-quality provider of mid-to-high-end LED display products in the world, Highmight attracted the attention of many exhibitors at the beginning of the exhibition with its bright colors and outstanding display effects. At the same time, Highmight uses multi-screen image processing technology, seamless splicing technology, signal switching technology and other comprehensive means to demonstrate excellent experience effects in smart cities, conference applications, stage performances, radio and television broadcasting and other application scenarios, among which A supermodel DJ show was also displayed, attracting many spectators in the hall to stop and watch. The scene was extremely popular.

In addition, Highmight also demonstrated a new generation of small-pitch Highmight-XA and COB small-pitch Highmight-Z series at the exhibition, which feature innovative light sources and breakthrough optical performance, with good color consistency. , ultra-high contrast, wide color gamut, high refresh, seamless splicing and other advantages, it fully meets the needs of high-end display. It is one of the most mainstream technologies for ultra-high density LED display and has been highly praised by guests and audiences at the scene.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the LED display field, Highmight has used practical actions to contribute to the construction of the LED industry. In the future, Highmight will make great strides forward, continue to improve the core competitiveness of its products, and showcase new technologies such as intelligent and efficient visual display systems. For more exciting highlights, please pay attention to Highmight.



Congratulations to Highmight for winning the “Innovation Award”-Specialized New Award in the isle 2023 International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition (Shenzhen) selection event


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Highmight shines at SILE exhibition and strives to create a visual feast