Differences and differences between LED integrated machine and LED display screen

Differences and differences between LED integrated machine and LED display screen


Led all-in-one machine, also called led TV, usually refers to a standardized display terminal with a pixel spacing of less than or equal to 2.5mm, which conforms to the multi-scene display application technology and can integrate the functions of controlling computers, electronic whiteboards, wireless projection screens and audio and video equipment. It is different from the common led large screen in the following aspects.


First, the appearance is different

Led large screen supports splicing, and the screen can be of any size.

The appearance of led all-in-one machine is similar to that of TV, just like an enlarged tablet computer, and the size can usually reach about 100 inches. At present, the main sizes on the market are mainly 108 inches, 135 inches, 163 inches and 216 inches.

Second, the installation method is different

In the installation of LED large screen, the problem of 380V power supply needs to be solved first. It is necessary to install the steel frame first, fix the power module and receiving card on the steel frame, then install the LED display board, and finally wrap the frame.

The LED all-in-one machine adopts highly integrated design, and each board card integrates the functions of display, control and power supply, and the power supply only needs 220V power supply. The whole screen of the LED all-in-one machine is light in weight. In addition to wall-mounted installation, you can also choose to hoist or move the bracket for fixed installation.


Third, the function is different

The function of led big screen is to display, and it displays whatever signal is input by the front end, which is equivalent to an enlarged display.

The advantage of led large screen is that it can realize multi-computer input, that is, it can display pictures on multiple computers at the same time.

Led all-in-one machine generally integrates rich functions such as computer control, electronic whiteboard, wireless screen projection and audio and video equipment. Its screen surface is a capacitive touch screen, which can slide on it like a smart phone, and can also be used as a computer.

Fourth, the use of different methods

When using the large LED screen, you need to turn on the screen power, then turn on the LED display controller and video processor, and then use a high-definition cable to connect the computer to project the screen.

The LED all-in-one machine comes with an Android system and can be turned on with one click. With wireless screen projection function, mobile phones and computers can project the screen wirelessly.

Fifth, the application scenarios are different

Led all-in-one machines are mostly used in some small conference rooms, schools, training institutions and other fields.

Led large screen is widely used in various large screen display fields, mainly in monitoring and command, conferences, exhibition halls, big data display, outdoor advertising media and other fields.

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