A brief discussion on “LED crystal film screen” and “LED film screen”

Driven by modern technology, LED display technology has been widely used in all walks of life. There are many types of LED displays, including LED crystal film screens and LED film screens. Although they both belong to the category of LED displays, many people easily misunderstand crystal film screens as film screens. The main reason is that both models are adsorbed and installed, but there are some differences in design and use. This article will introduce the difference between LED crystal film screen and LED film screen.


1. LED crystal film screen (also known as: LED jelly screen, flexible LED transparent screen)

LED crystal film screen

Design: LED crystal film screen is a thin, flexible LED display technology. It uses a flexible substrate and film structure and is designed to be relatively thin and light, making it easy to carry and install. Can be directly attached to a variety of flat and curved surfaces such as glass, walls, and exhibits

Installation: The installation of LED crystal film screen is relatively simple and can be directly attached to the required surface. Film screens are usually fixed to the background using adhesive. This flexible installation method makes the film screen suitable for a variety of different scenes and surfaces. The installation of LED crystal film screens usually requires professional technology and equipment. It can pass connectors between modules to form an integral display screen.

Light transmittance: LED crystal film screen has high light transmittance and can reach a light transmittance of more than 85%. This means that even when the screen is turned off, viewers can still see through the display and see what’s behind them. The high light transmittance of crystal film screens makes them widely used in commercial and architectural decoration and other fields.

Flexibility: Due to the use of flexible substrates and thin film structures, LED film screens have high flexibility. This gives the film screen more possibilities in special scenes and creative designs.


2. LED film screen

LED film screen

Design: LED film screen is an independent display unit composed of LED modules. They are usually made up of multiple modules spliced together to form a complete display screen. The modular design of LED film screens makes installation and maintenance relatively convenient. Each LED module has a large size and a complete circuit board, allowing it to work independently.

Installation: Because the module itself of the LED film screen is large and hard, although it is an adsorption type during installation, it is relatively difficult to control the bending angle. In addition, the installation of film screens generally requires a certain installation depth and space to be reserved.

Light transmittance: Compared with LED crystal film screens, LED film screens have poor light transmittance. The light transmittance can reach 70%. The film screen requires a backlight to display images, so when it is closed, the light transmittance effect is poor. However, the film screen can display bright, vivid images when it is turned on.

Customizability: Due to the modular design of the film screen, it can also be adapted to various curved surfaces and unconventional shapes, such as curved walls, pillars, etc. It is highly customizable. Depending on specific needs, screen size, pixel density and shape can be adjusted. This enables the LED film screen to adapt to different application scenarios and creative design requirements.

Conclusion: There are some differences in the design, installation and use of LED crystal film screens and LED film screens. The crystal film screen is thin and flexible, easy to install and flexible, has high light transmittance, and can adapt to various unconventional surfaces; the film screen adopts a modular design, has high light transmittance, is relatively complex to install and maintain, but has high customizability. When choosing an LED display screen, decide whether to use a crystal film screen or a film screen based on actual needs and the characteristics of the application scenario.

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