Highmight and NPC PARTY have joined forces to reach an in-depth strategic cooperation!

Opening a new era of the “XR-5D” metaverse! Highmight and NPC PARTY have joined forces to reach an in-depth strategic cooperation!

Highmight, together with its southwest office and NPC PARTY, jointly create a top-level PARTY visual space and lead the entertainment visual display to new heights.

It is reported that on September 9, the signing ceremony was held between Wang Jing, Chairman of NPC PARTY, and Jia Yueliang, Chairman of Highmight.

Attending the signing ceremony were: NPC PARTY brand COO Wen Tian (1st from left), NPC PARTY Chairman Wang Jing (2nd from left),  Highmight Chairman Jia Yueliang (3rd from left),  Highmight Southwest Office Zhang Yao (4th from left)

1. HighMight’s “XR-5D” and holographic invisible screen LED black technology help create immersive scenes for NPCs to increase their dimensions and promote a new era of the metaverse.

Since its establishment in 2010, Highmight has been committed to LED display overall solutions that integrate design, production, sales and service. Highmight has continuously ranked first in the market share of entertainment display products in the field of LED entertainment display. It has been committed to the development of high-end entertainment customized products, accelerating the expansion of new scenarios and new applications, and promoting the accelerated implementation of entertainment metaverse applications. This powerful collaboration with NPC to jointly create a top-level PARTY visual space represents the opening of a new era of entertainment display in the “XR-5D” metaverse.

HighMight has undertaken more than nearly 10,000 LED display projects around the world and has developed into a leader in the field of LED large-screen display engineering. It has established a good brand reputation in the industry, especially in the entertainment bar, party KTV and other market segments, and has the industry-leading “XR-5D” display solution.

This solution integrates a large high-definition LED display screen, a camera tracking system and a powerful graphics processing engine, and deeply integrates motion capture, VR, 5G and other technology applications, allowing real objects such as characters or products to be immersed in the virtual world without the need for green screens and post-production. Virtual production can be completed. Applied to music scenes, party KTV and other entertainment scenes, it will greatly enhance the audio-visual shock and immersive experience of the space.

Highmight joins hands with NPC to lead the entertainment display industry with a new attitude through complementary advantages of both parties.

2. NPC PARTY audio-visual magic box, creating a new entertainment landmark in Chengdu

NPC PARTY is located in the core business district of Taikoo Li, Chengdu, surrounded by many bars, LIVE HOUSEs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues. As a truly top entertainment diamond district in the country, NPC PARTY is a representative social party space in the city’s spire circle. It mainly hosts luxury business banquets, themed parties for important moments, and entertainment and social activities at the top of the tower. Especially in theme parties and circle brand banquets, the immersion and shock of the scene are crucial, and the requirements for hardware equipment are extremely demanding.

This time, after multiple rounds of selection across the country, the “XR-5D” LED display solution provided by HighMight was selected. Highmight attaches great importance to this project. With many years of experience in creative LED display design, it provides over 1,000 square meters of entertainment-specific customized displays. With its 3840 high-refresh, high-quality, nano-coating, high-protection, and beautiful products The performance presents the beautiful “XR-5D” visual special effects, which makes people immersed in it, just like Zhang Yimou’s “Beijing 8 Minutes” of the Athens Olympics, which makes people feel like a dream.

In addition, there are also a series of product display combination solutions such as immersive 8K ultra-high resolution panoramic HD LED display, holographic invisible screen, creative spherical screen, creative transparent screen, and interactive floor tile screen, using Highmight’s core special-shaped display control technology, interpreting entertainment and displaying top-notch visual shock effects.

3. Work together to promote the rapid development of entertainment display

Currently, NPC PARTY is still renovating new stores in Shijiazhuang and Changzhou. In the next two years, it will successively expand its stores in Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Wuhan, Xi’an and other places. This cooperation with NPC PARTY is not only the creation of a high-end audio-visual landmark, but also the beginning of replicating the legend across the country. NPC PARTY will continue to strengthen the upgrade and update of hardware facilities, empower more advanced black technologies, and continue to introduce themed fashion shows and other performing arts performances to truly create an immersive, high-end, pleasing and rare entertainment space. Set off an audio-visual revolution in the entertainment space.

This strategic cooperation will not only strengthen the competitiveness of both parties in their respective fields, but also promote the development of the entire industry. The two parties will jointly explore new market opportunities and strive to bring consumers more innovative and high-quality entertainment experiences. We believe that through the cooperation between Highmight and NPC PARTY, a new era of entertainment display will be brought to consumers.

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