What is the difference between LED display SMD and COB packaging technology?

Everyone knows that LED displays are packaged into screens. When it comes to packaging technology, the most commonly used ones in the LED display industry are SMD technology and COB technology. So what is the difference between these two packaging technologies?

First understand the meaning of SMD and COB packaging technology

SMD packaging technology is to package the light-emitting chips into lamp beads, weld the lamp beads to the PCB board to form a unit module, and finally splice them into a whole LED screen.

COB packaging technology is to directly weld the light-emitting chip on the PCB board, then cover it as a whole to form a unit module, and finally splice it into a whole LED screen.

Secondly, compare the differences between the two

1. The image display effect is different

The COB screen is a surface light source, while the SMD screen is a point light source, so the COB screen has a better visual feel, no graininess, and is more suitable for long-term close viewing. Compared with SMD screens, COB screens have higher contrast. When viewed from the front, the viewing effect of COB screens is closer to that of LCD screens, with brighter colors and better details. However, COB screens cannot sort individual lamp beads with similar optical properties like SMD screens, so COB screens are prone to chromatic aberration when squinting.

2. Different stability and maintainability

LED screens with SMD technology have weak overall protection and are prone to knocking off lights. They have poor waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof properties and cannot be wiped. However, on-site maintenance is convenient and is conducive to later maintenance. The LED screen with COB technology has better overall protection, and the front protection level can reach IP65. It can be cleaned with a wet towel, but because the overall coating cannot be repaired on site, it needs to be returned to the factory for repair.

3. Power consumption and energy efficiency are different

The luminescent wafers in the lamp beads of the mainstream products of SMD screens are mostly made of formal assembly technology, and there are leads above the light source to block them. However, COB screens are mostly made of flip-chip technology, and the light source is not blocked. Therefore, when the same brightness is reached, the power consumption of COB screens is lower and it has higher performance. Good to use and economical. In addition, due to the low transparency of the epoxy resin used in SMD lamp bead packaging, the overall coating used in COB screens has higher transparency, further improving the economical use of COB screens.

4. Different costs

The production process of SMD is relatively complex, but the technical threshold is low. The vast majority of manufacturers across the country adopt SMD technology, and the technology development is relatively mature. The production process threshold of COB is high, and less than 20 manufacturers nationwide have R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Although the theoretical cost of COB technology is lower than that of SMD screens, due to the low product yield, the actual cost is not very low at present.

The above is a comparison of LED display SMD and COB packaging technologies. If you have any different opinions, please leave a message for discussion!

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